Product Details

CO2 Laser Marking Machine CCO-6025

Product Model: CCO-6025

Product Description:

1. The CCO-6025 is a dual frequency (continuous and pulsed) CO2 Laser Marking Machine.

2. The dual frequency mode offers a complete cost-effective solution for all industries.

3. With the dual frequency mode, one can select either frequency at the flick of a switch to mark any compatible materials to achieve high speed quality markings.

4. Able to mark all non-metal materials like acrylic, wood, glass, mirrors, rubber, ceramic, PVC, etc.

5. Air-cooled design. No need for water or external chiller.

6. Average of 50, 000 hours laser life span before recharging.

7. Comes with computer system and a compact design for minimum footprint and zero maintenance.

8. Able to mark 360° Continuous for any cylindrical objects like glass bottles, mugs, etc.

9. Highly recommended for product identification/branding, serial numbers, barcodes, personalization of personal artifacts with custom pictures/words/designs.


Jewellery accessories, eyeglasses, clocks and watches, hardware tools, accessories, sanitary ware, electronic components, integrated circuits IC, electrical appliances, mobile communications, precision machinery, auto parts, building materials, medical equipment, etc.

Product Specifications:

  Maximum  laser  power:

  60W (pulsed)

  25W  (continuous)

  Beam  quality:
  M2   < 1.1
  Repeat  frequency:

  0.1-  10kHz (pulsed)

  1-100KHz  (continuous)

  Marking  area:

  100mm × 100mm  (standard)

  50mm × 50mm  (option)

  150mm × 150mm  (option)

  Cooling  system:
  Air cooled
  Marking  table:
  X  ,   Y  and  Z  axis  table
  Marking  depth:
  < 1mm
  Linear  speed:
  ≤ 7, 000mm/Sec
  Minimum  line  width:
  Minimum  character  size:
  Repeat  accuracy:
  Power  consumption:
  1.2  Kw
  Power  Supply:
  220V  /50Hz  /1P
  Dimensions  (L × B × H):
  1200 × 500 × 1100  (mm)
  Weight  (Nett/Gross):
  130Kg  /  150Kg

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