Product Details

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine CPC-500

Product Model: CPC-500

Product Description:

1.   Uses high quality fiber laser source and cutting head.

2.   Stable laser output. Zero maintenance of laser source. 

3.   Customized user friendly software. Able to automatically optimized the cutting paths to 

      minimize the cutting time.

4.   Uses high quality servo motor for high accuracy cutting.

5.   Auto-tracking focusing. When cutting of uneven work piece, the system is able to track

      and anto focus the laser for accurate and even cutting.

6.   Auto-feed cutting for roll material.

7.   Rotary cutting for bangles and rings.

8.   Highly efficient material lost retrival system design.

Product Specifications:

  Laser source :    Imported Ytterbium Fiber Laser
  Cutting area :   400mm × 250mm
  Cutting thickness :   Maximum 3.0mm (Depending on material)
  Cutting line width :   0.04 ~0.06mm
  Cutting speed :   600 ~ 1500mm/min
  Cutting accuracy :   0.01mm
  Cooling mode :   Air cooled

  Cutting air pressure requirement :

  8 ~ 12 bar (oil-less compressor with

  compressed air dryer)

  Maximum power consumption :

  Power supply : 

  220V / 1P

  Machine dimension :   930mm × 750mm × 1600mm
  Packing dimension :   1110mm × 950mm × 1850mm
  Weight :   200Kg (Net) / 280Kg (Gross)
  Options :   Dust collection system

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